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Daisy Khan

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Daisy Khan

Unafraid to take on the big challenges and step into the deep water, Daisy Khan is one of the most prominent Muslim Women leaders in the United States. Recognized as a global think-tank thought leader, Khan has been featured in such powerful periodicals as Time Magazine and The New York Times. She is the executive director of the Women's Islamic Initiative, inspiring Muslim women around the globe and creating a peaceful and equitable global environment by building bridges of understanding between faiths.

Her memoir, Born with Wings, a Spiritual Journey of a Modern Muslim Woman, was listed as one of the top ten spiritual books to read by Booklist. She is the executive editor of Wise Up! Knowledge Ends Extremism, a toolkit that speaks out against all forms of hate, including terrorism and Islamophobia. Her first-of-its- kind book, 30 Rights of Muslim Women, is a one-stop educational resource that uses Islamic legal framework to uphold a comprehensive suite of women's rights.

Khan will spearhead a plan of action, centered around an upcoming publication, WISE Up: White Supremacy, aimed at re-educating the public on the subject of white supremacy and its inflammatory rhetoric targeted at Muslims and other minorities.

Khan has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and the BBC, cited among the Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People list, She received the Elanor Roosevelt Award for Human Rights. Huffington Post listed her among the

Top 10 Women Faith Leaders. She appears in PBS's Three Faiths, One God; Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet, and National Geographic's Inside Mecca.

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