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Dr. Bhadra Shah

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Dr. Bhadra Shah

Dr. Bhadra Shah is a physician who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology and practices in New York City. She is very closely associated with the Ramakrishna Vivekananda movement and its various centers all over the world. Her life mission is to see God and serve God in suffering humanity—the deserving sick and/or underprivileged fellow human beings.

Dr. Shah has served as chairman of Board of Trustees and president of the Share and Care Foundation, a leading charitable organization in New Jersey. She served as chairperson of project committee for 30 years at the Share and Care Foundation, reviewing several projects in the field of health care, education and welfare in India.

Dr. Shah is president of the Sathi Foundation since 1995, which also supports several projects in field of education, healthcare and welfare in India and some in America.

She is also on a New York Advisory board of Akshay Patra Foundation, USA, which continues to provide millions of meals to children and society’s most vulnerable members.

Dr. Shah has also served as trustee and vice chair at the Parliament of the World’s Religions and participated in different committees. She has participated in several interfaith programs and has been a participant at several Interfaith Institute programs.

Dr. Shah's outstanding contributions have been recognized with several awards, including: Hind Ratan Award, 2001; Shalin Manav Ratna award from Anupam Mission in 2004. She has been recognized by the Shanti Fund for her caring and compassionate contributions on 10/2/15 at Gandhiji's birthday celebration. She has been recognized several times by Share and Care foundation and the Educare Foundation.